Top-Quality Beds on Display in Our Showroom in Shipley, West Yorkshire

Need to buy a new bed in West Yorkshire? Stocking excellent products, below are some examples of the various selection of beds we have in store. Our family-run business is backed by more than three generations of industry experience, so whatever you’re looking for, we always make sure we find the right bed for you. Get in touch today with any enquiries.

Wooden beds

We have many wooden beds in stock from oak to pine with many different finishes, wether you require white, natural or something different there is a bed to suit all requirements.

This is an example, we have more wooden beds on display

Metal Beds

Metal bed frames can be contemporary or tradition, and come in various colours and styles.

This is an example, we have more metal frames on display

Divan Beds

Divan beds have a wide selection of fabrics with a choice of headboard to match. They can also save you space as there is no frame surrounding the mattress. Drawers can be added for extra storage.

This is an example, we have more divan beds on display

Ottoman Beds

We have ottomans ranging from single all the way up to super king that provide the easy accessible storage that is required.

This is an example, we have more ottoman beds on display 

Fabric Beds

Fabric beds come in many different styles and fabrics.

This is an example, we have more fabric beds on display

Bunks Beds

Our single bunk beds are finished in white or Natural, Whilst our triple bunks are finished in white, natural and grey. All come complete with mattresses. 

This is an example, we have more bunk beds on display

Outstanding Beds and Furniture

We stock a huge selection of beds and bedroom furniture for our valued customers.

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